Studio Hours.

We are open Monday thru Friday from 5pm to midnight.
Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 10pm.

To request special off hours call 562.988.7771.

Studio Rates.

Our room, recording, and rental rates are listed below.

Rental Equipment.

Cymbals: $5 per booking
Additional Guitar Amp: $5 per booking
Guitar: $10 per booking
Bass: $10 per booking

Rehearsal Rooms.

The quality and equipment in our rooms are consistent to ensure bands get the same experience no matter which room they're in.

Directions to our Studio.

Who We Are.

Just like you, we love music.

Ryan Flautz


Growing up a child of the 70's with a Rock and Roll single mother Ryan's childhood was anything but normal. With a piano in the living room an old guitar on the porch and The Dr. Dimento Show on KLSX Sunday evenings Ryan's musical journey began. Being thrown into dance, tap and vocal classes with his sister at the age of nine to avoid the extra cost of a baby sitter, being on stage quickly became his childhood lifestyle. Ryan's ability to perform on stage and sing solo's by the age of twelve combined with his musical background allowed the natural transition to song writing and fronting multiple band over the years. Today Ryan's focus has been to create an environment where real music can thrive. The lack of talent on the airwaves and the overreaching corporate music environment is the basis for creating 7even Studios.   

David Clay


A multi-instrumentalist with a degree in education, David Clay was exposed to a diversity of musical styles and instruments at an early age by his mother. A Long Beach Unified music teacher and a singer in The Long Beach Opera Chorus, David's mother influenced his musical journey which continues today. With David's musical talent and strong ear for sound he is a diverse asset to 7even Studios. His ability to provide leadership, music lessons, and recording at all levels of talent and play are truly a lost art. David has played in many influential bands over the years including Misled, Empty No.7, Of Elephant Men and The Black Friars. David is currently the keyboard player and back up vocalist for the The Sly Digs.   

Simone Bone't


Influenced by her excessively musical family, Simone Jackson began playing the violin at nine years old. She experimented with stand up bass and violin throughout elementary, middle and high school. After she graduated, she continued pursuing her passion, taking private lessons and beginning to experiment with incorporation the violin in mainstream music. In 2010, Simone left Arizona for Long Beach, CA and since has had the amazing experience of playing with artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Rebelution, SOJA, Iration, Tribal Seeds and Fortunate Youth. Her musical influences range dramatically in genre- anything from country, hip-hop,soul, alternative, pop, indie, rock and last but not least reggae. Her broad influences allow her to create the dynamic, original sound she does. Using her violin, she continues to follow her dreams to create a unique style of music.     



Musician and self-taught bassist. Got his first tastes in music singing in the children’s church choir, later in high school he picked up the bass guitar and has been playing for over 20 years. Spent the late 1990’s to 2007 with the punk/rock band Cacawates. Now performs with the Band Population U as the bassist and back-up vocalist.     

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